"Go ahead, you know you want it!"

Go ahead, you know you want it
You'll have no other way
you just want to take us down
go ahead,
I'll be the one hit
If I can take you, boy, it just might throw this town
Oh, you want to get it
You make us bleed, it'll prove there's life somewhere
And oh, no, I want to yell it
but do we speak or are we just nodding our heads

Santogold :: You'll find a way (Switch & Sinden rmx)

Detesto a L.E.S. Artistes, detesto mesmo (apesar de mne ficar na cabeça um dia inteiro), mas adoro a Santi de sotaque jamaicano a tresandar a dancehall. Agora que me passou o vício da Creator, é esta que ressaco.

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